BIIR at the BBF 2015


BIIR LLEVAT BBF pack 2015Last week we had the chance to take part in one of the coolest Beer events of the Iberian Peninsula. We participated with two beers: our –already classic- White IPA and LLEVAT, a limited edition RYE Belgian Farmhouse especially brewed for the BBF 2015 pack. A pack in which 4 Catalan local brewers made a representative beer with one of the 4 main elements of BEER: hops, yeast, malts and water. We were asked to brew the YEA

ST beer and so we did it with two different kinds: Belgian Saison and Champagne. Even though yeast was the main ingredient, the malts and the hops gave our special beverage a refreshing and slightly hoppy touch.

BBF coul be already ranked as one of the most important beer events due to its character. It is not a common festival where all brewers present their marvelous infusions to the thirsty public. Instead, it is a party where 300 different beers are objectively and randomly presented along the three days. Nevertheless, all the curious and groupies have the chance to talk with the makers at the Meet the Brewer bar, where different brewers can explain and talk to the public about the amazing qualities of their beer.

One of the main features of the festival is with no doubt its placement. Emblematic buildings of the Barcelonan cultural heritage have been chosen to host this 3 days party awaited by every single beer lover. Hence, the St Agustí Convent, the dome of Las Arenas and the Sea Museum –headquarters of the last two editions- have been so far the elected buildings to celebrate this event. Who knows if we will be surprised with a new location next year, since we know that the place was crowded all the time and there were –despite the rain- long queues at the entrance during the three days of the festival.

Gunther BenschThe aim of BBF is to divulge the Craft Beer Culture in all possible and different ways and to do so the festival programmed a wide range of diverse activities such as LLaunes, the Speed Meeting or the Sensorial Beer-Pairing 2.0.

We can say that the Barcelona Beer Festival was incredible one more edition and it is a worthy proof of how alive the Craft Beer World is.

We have already started counting down for the next edition …

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